FUBI. It’s what your audience loves online.

You already know how your audience reacts to your current ads and your products. In the rest of their online lives, do you know what do they love the most?

We can tell you. We’ve discovered that there are only four kinds of content that everybody loves: things that are

Most brands only exist in one of those content spaces – a few stretch to two. Which means that even if they’re creating killer content in those spaces, they’re only performing at 25-50% of their potential.

Of course, there’s a lot of different ways of being beautiful, inspiring, useful and funny. Your FUBI chart will also show you what kind of content your audience is most likely to love. Perhaps they hate slapstick comedy but love intellectual satire. Perhaps they love Chicken Soup for the Soul but hate TED talks. Your FUBI chart will help inspire your creatives to build content that your audience will love.

How we do it

You provide us with your audience details: demographic, psychographic. We feed these into our FUBILYZER that matches it to a database of tastes for the UK audience.

What you get

A map of the full potential emotional stretch of your communications.

What happens next

We audit your existing communications, and those of your competition. Find out more.