Become the go-to media for your audience – and your advertisers

Your partnership with brands is now far more complex than it used to be. For some advertisers, you’re a data supplier, a content provider and co-creator. For others, you’re a data point on a trading desk.

Our tools help you become more relevant to your audience and a more valuable strategic partner to your advertisers. When you understand how different audience’s tastes change over the day, you can target funny, useful, beautiful and inspiring content at them at just the right time – and so can your advertisers.

Emotional mapping is a simple but powerful way to ensure that your editorial is complemented with the most relevant advertising. So your audience is happy not to adblock you, and advertisers don’t have to resort to noisy executions that spoil the experience you’re trying to create for readers and viewers.

An Emotional Map can help:

  • Inspire editorial commissioning decisions
  • Create a homepage that’s relevant to each viewer’s time and location
  • Make your advertisers’ ads more effective
  • Make your advertisers’ ads complement your editorial