Be as interesting as the internet

Every year, brands are spending more and more on digital advertising and content, yet globally engagement with ads is sinking and ad blockers are strangling the whole industry. It’s not enough to do advertising slightly better. It’s time for a new approach.

Emotional Mapping is that new approach. It’s the first strategy based entirely on understanding how people view the Internet, rather than a tool that’s evolved from television and print advertising.

Most brands have a single tone of voice that carries on for campaign after campaign. This worked brilliantly on television, but quickly becomes stale online. Emotional Mapping helps you evolve from a monotone to a multifaceted personality, working with the grain of your audience’s mood.

Great content is either funny, useful, beautiful or inspiring. Currently your brand might be doing one of those things brilliantly – even so, you’ll only ever be performing at 25% of your potential. When your brand covers all four emotional territories, you have four times as much chance of success.

When combined with programmatic, you can start to target messages that your audience will welcome – rather than block you. You’ll be as interesting as the Internet.

Emotional Mapping can help brands

  • Understand the different moods of a specific audience
  • Tailor content to meet each of those moods
  • Become four times as compelling to your audience
  • Keep your image and messaging fresh